Specials mainly relates to our client-specific and innovative products. These products are often the result of intensive collaboration between the client and our R&D Department. They range from unique items, such as the pink pig for Pink Floyd to regular products such as flexible air cushions for fresh fruit cold stores. 

Care sector

We produce a lot of products specifically for the care sector, including:

  • wash mattresses, intended for washing patients in wet rooms;
  • chair seats for wheelchairs so that disabled people can go into wet rooms;
  • special mattresses to prevent people with long-term illnesses from getting bedsores. 

Other sectors

Oversized PVC ball

Genap made an enormous 3-metre diameter plastic foil ball for a very dynamic Mardi Gras association. 


Pink Floyd’s pink pig 

Way back in 1977 Genap made a life-size inflatable pink pig for the band Pink Floyd. The pig adorned the front of their album ‘Animals’ and was used when performing the song ‘Pigs’ during open-air concerts.



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