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Horticulture: seeking out new boundaries

In the last decades Genap has specialised in the storage and protection of water in the form of water storage systems in steel silos and water reservoirs. Our water storage solutions have been used in the horticultural sector since the very beginning; however, in recent years this sector has undergone many changes. The area of available ground in the Netherlands is reduced and the number of growers steadily declines. In addition to this, legislation relating to water consumption and storage has been tightened. A number of growers has decided to scale up and/or relocate to other areas and countries. The horticultural market is therefore taking place increasingly beyond our national borders.

With this market shift in mind, Genap has developed the Export Kit which is an ‘all-in-one’ system consisting of a silo, lining and cover in a sea-proof pack and for which a great deal of thought has been given to its handling and labelling.

For local sales and installation of our products we work with distributors both at home and abroad.

Genap is a member of Green Farming.