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Our mission

 “To create waterproof solutions for all of our clients”

Genap focuses on using plastic foils in total concepts for the storage and separation of liquids, in particular water. Through continuous innovation and collaboration with parties that contribute additional expertise, Genap is able to provide its clients with high-quality solutions for the horticultural and agricultural sectors and for civil engineering infrastructure projects. The development of foil solutions for drinking water has been recently added and this forms a significant mainstay for the future.

Throughout the world we are seeing an increasing demand for water storage. In addition to our home market in the Netherlands we also focus on exporting our solutions. From our site in Kenya we serve the African market with solutions that we produce locally. In addition, we are constantly seeking new ‘resellers’ in order to strengthen and to expand our international distribution network.

Genap is unique in that it is able to utilise its own R&D, production and installation facilities. The driving force behind our solutions is our 60 staff who focus daily on creating sustainable, waterproof solutions – with passion and expertise. In addition, we are always aware of the effects that our operational processes can have on the environment and we aim to address these in a responsible manner. For us, Corporate Social Responsibility therefore means making integral sustainable choices. All of this has brought Genap to where it is today and we wish to share it and help contribute towards the success of our clients.