Genap from 1951 to the present day

The evolution from plastic granules to plastic foils midway in the last century offered possibilities for flexible solutions for permanent applications. Foils were used for producing silage pit covers and truck sheets through to foils for greenhouses, slurry pits and water basins. These days, foils are essential for the storage and protection of soil, liquids and gasses.

The history of our firm goes back to 1951, when the entrepreneurial husband and wife team Mr & Mrs Groenveld took their vision and turned it into reality.

Genap (Groenvelds Eerste Nederlandse Agrarische Plasticindustrie – Groenvelds First Dutch Agricultural Plastic Industry) is founded by Mr & Mrs Groenveld in Westzaan

Genap relocates to ’s-Heerenberg where a factory and an assembly workshop are built (Genap Texabouw). The product range for the horticultural sector is expanded with the addition of water storage systems and steaming sheets

The development of slurry storage systems is launched (slurry silos, reservoirs and flexible manure bags) 

The first foil ‘wet’ immersion project is carried out in Amelisweerd

The factory is extended

Genap launches the Genaculture product range for ornamental ponds and lakes

Genap becomes the first company in the Netherlands to be awarded the KIWA process certificate for processing and installing PE foil

Genap achieves ISO 9002 and VCA (Safety, Health and Environment Checklist) certification

The factory is extended again by an additional 2400 m2 of production floor space


The incumbent Board acquires Genap by means of a management buy-out


Genap becomes co-founder of MSE, Membrane Systems Europe BV


Dick van Regteren becomes director and major shareholder of Genap


Genap opens affiliate in Kenya